Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time Automotive Birth

Fashion is an incredibly strange thing. In China it is pretty cool to have English on things. Many magazines and books have English titles even though the magazine is in Chinese. Another thing you commonly see is people walking around with English T-shirts.

Lara and I went shopping for some clothes today and bought a really cool Chinese shirt. It reads:

The Culture is Living. Ught people to the speed and puruedyna mically since ever since that time automotive birth."

It was a bit expensive because we bought it from a fashion place, but well worth the extra couple of dollars. We loved it so much we each bought one. It is so random. People are trying so hard to be cool, but have no idea how to do it. So they spend extra money to buy some fancy brand on the assumption that the people running the brand wouldn't do anything to make them look stupid (bell bottoms anyone?).

In Canada people are doing the opposite of course, except with tattoos. I've seen tons of people with Chinese tattoos. Do they have any idea what these things say? Probably not, given that our friend Matt in Chengdu assures us there are web pages here that make fun of them. I guess it makes sense given that the average person in a tattoo shop doesn't know any more Chinese than I do.

Next time you see some cute 20 something walking around with Chinese characters tattooed on their arm, remember my shirt. They may think it says "cool chick", but it is just as likely to say "refrigerator chicken."

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