Sunday, July 6, 2008

Free as in Beer

We are staying at our friends Erin and Duncan's place in Wulong, China.

We just ran out to get them a case of beer. 12 bottles of beer cost 45RMB ($7.00). The lady explained that once we bring back the empties we will get 21RMB back so half the cost is in the bottle. Three beers for a dollar. Not bad.

Food is a bit more expensive because prices have been going up sharply in the last year. We paid $3.00 for lunch today. It included a meat dish, two vegetable dishes, rice, and no Kumuz. It was arguably the best meal we've had on the China part of the trip.

China: where you get a huge lunch for two and 6 beers for the cost a Chai tea at Starbucks.

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Nancy said...

The beer in China is cheap, but check the alcohol content--it rates right down there with Utah near beer (3.2). Matt and Charley tried an experiment where they drank water in the cave during the day, but only beer on the surface. They never got dehydrated (or drunk) because there is so much water in it. Even I was drinking beer! The food, however, is something to write home about! We had some great meals, especially in the "comedor" type places, and especially when Erin was ordering. The food in Gabon is okay, but I could use one of those great Chinese dishes right now!