Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Construction, construction, construction

People complain a lot about the pace of construction where I live in Calgary. Calgary is a city of 1 million people and are booming to the extent that we've had about 10 new road interchanges built in the last 3 years, and currently have about 10 big skyscrapers under construction.

This is nothing compared to what we have seen in every corner of China. The construction crane is the new national bird of China.

The town of Wulong where we stayed for a few days has about 200-300,000 people. Currently there are 15 skscrapers under construction. There is also a massive divided highway linking Wulong to the nearest bigger city of Fuling. The area Wulong is in is very mountainous so more than half of the highway will be underground. The parts that are not underground will be on huge bridges. The Chinese don't look for passes. They just draw a line with a ruler on a map and tunnel and bridge their way through. The railway to Wulong which was just completed runs underground for more than 30 of the last 50 KM. It has one tunnel which is 11 KM long.

And we think building a 100m long animal overpass in Banff national park is too expensive.

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