Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Uzbekistan Money

The currency in Uzbekistan is the Som and it is our first real experience with runaway inflation.

The biggest note you can get is 1000 Som, which works out to about 75 cents.

When we changed $200.00 into Som this morning we ended up with a stack of bills the thickness of the yellow pages. We have to carry our money around in a backpack since there is no way it will fit into a money belt.

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Anonymous said...

Taco! Are you still on the road?
I'm so glad I bumped into your blog by chance! We are from Singapore, and are planning for a similar overland travel next year. Probably starting from Tibet - Beijing - Mongolia - Russia - Central Asia.

Hope you could share more about getting visas (heard it's most difficult to get Uzbek visa?), and how to go about crossing the border (mode of transport, cost, etc).

Anyway, thanks for sharing ... and enjoy your trip!