Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why don't I spell Check?

No doubt some people have noticed that I don't seem to spell check (or even proofread) very much.

There are two reasons. The first is that the Internet connections here are too slow for the spellchecker in my Google's blogging software to work.

The second is that I write these posts very quickly, as I am trying to get down as many of my impressions as possible. Generally I write the whole post from beginning to end in one go, and only if it is something that I feel strongly about will I go back and edit it. I could write twice as well, but I'd only write 20% as much and many of the impressions I'd like to capture would vanish as my memory fades. If only there were more time...


Anonymous said...

Keep it comming. Who cares about the speling - the storys are wonderfull dat's all that matters! Can't imagine you rite all that in one go. You shoud write a book when you get back!

Rachel said...

I'm really more concerned about the misuse of capital letters, shame! :)